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1-3 Hour Retainer

1-3 Hour Retainers:
• Basic Services: Most translations, Notary and Case Evaluations fall into the 1-3 hour range.

• In Depth Consultations: Some cases are more complex and have more moving parts than others. These special situations require more time and attention than can be given in a 1-hour consultation.
Document Review: If you have more than 10 pages of case documents to review your assigned attorney will require time to prepare for your consultation to provide the legal advice required for guiding your next steps.

How It Works:

1. Retainer Fee: If your attorney requires 1-3 more hours of time on your case, simply add that number of items to your shopping cart. Each item is priced at our hourly rate of $45 US. Your total will be seen in the shopping cart before you check out.

Transparent Billing: Our attorneys take meticulous notes on every minute they spend on your case, and you will be given a clearly outlined update of the time spent each time a retainer is required or has expired. We are committed to helping you make the most of your time and investment with DR Legal Pros.

Secure your retainer 1-3 hour retainer today.

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